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Pile Cap Detection 

We were approached by a major developer for a project in Penang, which involved constructing multiple new escalators in an actively operating mall. The project required us to map the foundation structure beneath concrete slabs to confirm the presence of any existing pile caps, which would assist in the design and construction of new piles.






The method we selected for the project was Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Using dual-frequency antenna from GSSI Utility Pro Scan, our GPR imaging helped discover the presence of existing pile caps, beams and additional building foundations in all of the proposed escalator areas. Not only was our GPR data consistent with onsite coring, we were also able to identify and map the location of beams and pile caps in other areas that the developer was not aware of. Our GPR result enabled the developer to effectively redesign their construction plans for new piles.









GPR is a non-invasive method that can be adapted to a wide array of projects and industries. This method is cost effective due to it not requiring drilling or coring, which can significantly add to the cost and time associated with alternative methods.

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